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Great Northern Beans

Haricots Great Northern

Great Northern beans are an excellent source of low-fat, plant-based protein, both for vegetarians and those trying to reduce their intake of meat. For 209 calories, a 1-cup serving gives you 15 grams of protein with less than a gram of fat. Like all beans, these offer significant fiber — the indigestible part of plants that helps regulate blood sugar and makes you feel full longer for better weight management. Fiber also assists with the digestive process, keeping you regular. One cup of Great Northern beans contains 12 grams of fiber, or about half of your daily needs.

Great Northern beans contain rich amounts of B vitamins—20 percent of your daily thiamin, and 45 percent of folate. They also supply 6 percent of your requirements for niacin and riboflavin, and 10 percent of vitamin B-6. Among other functions, the B-complex family helps your body turn food into energy.


Haricots Great Northern